How Authenticity In Your Business
Can Be A Powerful Game Changer

Business-Owner-Development-How Authenticity In Your Business Can Be A Powerful Game Changer

Authenticity In Business?

Many know that creating and maintaining authenticity in your business is a key factor in your success. But sometimes it's hard to know what that actually means. And how to make it truly happen and to keep it alive.

What it is...

For me authenticity means offering work, behaviors, and actions that are original, unique, one of a kind. Not copied, nor counterfeit. It means being and doing for your soul and not for your ego. I don't believe authenticity is something you discover or uncover, but rather something you create.

It is you being the artist of you. You are the canvas upon which you create your masterpiece. And are the wood in which you carve yourself. Also, you are the clay in which you sculpt you. You are the art, the medium, and the artist all in one.

Authenticity, therefore, is like an artist's masterpiece. And because it is, in essence, the artist itself, it will forever be changing because it will never truly be complete.

What it is not...

When a sculptor sits with their clay, they often have an idea of what they will create. But as they go, that idea usually develops, morphs, and changes. Their final piece may become something entirely different than what they initially envisioned it to be. In other words, what is initially envisioned is not always the end product.

It is up to the artist to decide when the art is complete. Until then, it changes, evolves and transforms. It is up to the artist to know when the sculpture is complete, just as it is up to us to decide when we are complete.

And once we decide we are complete, I believe we no longer reside in this precise experience because we move on to whatever is next for us.

We often have an idea who we are, who our authentic self is, who we desire to be. But it is as we live out this experience of being human that we morph, change, and develop into our most authentic self. The self which we both consciously and unconsciously created and crafted.

Becoming authentic...

Owning and crafting an authentic business is just the same. Your business is an art in itself. It is, just as you are, being crafted, formed, and created every day. And as the owner of your business, you are the one responsible for building and managing the authenticity of your business.

You are the artist, the crafter of your authentic business. It is up to you to create a unique, original, non-copied, non-counterfeit business. A business guided by your soul, not driven by your ego.

It is in your power to take the idea you have and fully trust that it will become what it is meant to be. If you let it. Just as a potter's clay moves, shifts, and changes, so will your business. Do not be scared by this shifting. It may seem terrifying or unnerving because it’s unfamiliar, but it will empower you in amazing ways.

Why authenticity?

Authenticity in your business will get you much farther, and create a larger client base for you, than trying to force your business into a mold it does not fit. Because you have the power to create, you also have the power to be authentically you for those you serve. Allow it and embrace it.


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