After 14 years of being a women's business coach, I know without a doubt that no matter if you're:

➲  starting your business
➲  building your business
➲  managing your business

clarity is the key to unlocking sustainable and satisfying success.

Without clarity, you're stuck.

You're uncertain about what step(s) to take when.

You're not confident that the strategy you chose will be the right one.

Self-doubt, fear of failure, and imposter syndrome set it and your success dwindles.

BUT -- with clarity, you gain confidence and when you're confident, you make decisions you know are the right ones and that motivates you to take steps forward. And those steps you take are what builds your success.

"You just saved me hours and weeks of doubts and frustrations." - Karen Belyan

As A Women's Business Coach,
Business planning. Business building. Business management.

It’s not just what I do, it’s what I love!

HELLO THERE! I’m Coach Erin, a Women's Business Coach who is strategic, fun, and often entertaining.

I LOVE helping women navigate the roads of owning a business and being your own boss.

The women I coach are great at figuring things out.
But, running their own business has turned their minds into a tangled web of ideas, emotions, and what if's.

If you dream of being your own boss and having a business where you use your skills, talents, knowledge, and passions to help others while having a lifestyle you love, I want to be your coach.

If having a team of employees to manage and motivate makes your business dream feel more like a job, I get ya.

Since 2006, I've managed every aspect of my business while providing services directly to my clients. While I've hired a contractor or freelancer here and there to help with a few tasks, I've been the one solely responsible for keeping my business afloat and I wouldn't change a thing.

I have no desire to be in a managerial role. I don't want to spend my days overseeing the work of employees and answering unhappy customer calls. I have no desire to manage a company or grow an empire. I LOVE running my business from home and often in my pajamas.

I absolutely LOVE being a solopreneur business coach. Providing women with private, customized one-on-one guidance for starting and managing their own online service business is my jam. And while a few of my clients over the years have ended up hiring and managing a team, the majority of my clients have built a steady customer base, sustainable profit, and a low-stress lifestyle.

If you want guidance, support, encouragement, and coaching to create a steady customer base, sustainable profit, and a low-stress lifestyle, Let's Get Coaching



the vision of your business and how you want to achieve it


what's needed to achieve your vision and set goals


what you are doing that is supportive and non-supportive


what is missing, needs adjusting or removed


a prioritized plan for removals, adjustments & additions


the plan, assess results, make adjustments, set new goals


✔ Business Structure
- articulating ideal schedule
- develop a business budget

Client Clarity
- identify the target market
- establish ideal client

✔ Niche Development
- define areas of expertise
- determine knowledge zones
- craft mission and vision statements
- hone unique approach or philosophy

✔ Service Structure
- draft service flow
- develop service programs and packages
- design pricing system
- establish client procedures
- organize client onboarding process

✔ Marketing Foundation
- design basic branding
- organize website structure
- compose website content
- formulate core message
- setup a base marketing routine
- develop a content creation system
- identify potential referral partners

✔ Client Relations
- build client satisfaction surveys
- create client appreciation processes
- develop email templates

✔ Productivity
- time, task, and project management
- goal setting
- mindset

Through one-on-one customized coaching conversations I'll help you:

☑ increase your confidence as a business owner and as a service provider so you don't get stuck

☑ set goals you really want to achieve so you'll feel motivated to take consistent action

☑ improve your customer service and satisfaction so you can retain clients and earn referrals

☑ design your business around the lifestyle you desire so you can enjoy work-life balance.

☑ understand the business building process so you can effectively plan for your future

☑ avoid feeling directionless by maintaining a clear focus on your priorities and your vision

☑ move through challenges and problems so you can maintain your enthusiasm, energy, and progress

☑ determine the best tools and apps for you so you don't have to waste time and money testing them all out

My Core beliefs:

I believe:

  • every woman has something to offer the world that can make a positive impact on individuals, families, neighborhoods, and our environment.
  • that utilizing your skills, knowledge, and experiences to generate an income that supports your family is an achievable goal.
  • that uncertainty, overwhelm and frustration are indicators of growth, not failure
  • if two heads are better than one, a group of women is a powerhouse
  • we grow by teaching and we learn by asking questions

My Philosophy is:

  1. You don't have to make every decision and solve every problem by ourselves. That's a lot of unnecessary psychological weight that could be weighing (slowing) your business down.
  2. We, as women, need to verbally process through ideas and situations. And the skill of being able to talk and listen to ourselves at the same time is a nearly impossible task.
  3. We can all use help, no matter the stage of our business. Organizing our time, dealing with clients, coming up with marketing ideas, and staying accountable for taking action: it's a lot to deal with and something new is around every corner.
  4. Witnessing the struggle and growth of others changes us. We avoid potential pitfalls by learning our lessons through the experiences of others. We become better clients and customers when we see things from the other side. We value the skills and knowledge of other professions and industries when we understand them more. We feel inspired when others achieve what we thought was not possible.

Who I Work With

While some of my clients are in the stage of investigating starting a business, others fall somewhere between ready to start, already started, or modifying a growing business.

In addition, the majority of my clients are introverts who are running their business primarily from their homes.

While a few clients do sell informational and educational products, the vast majority of my clients sell client direct services as their main income generator.

Some of my clients provide their services individually while others provide group services, classes, workshops, and presentations.

Over the years, I’ve had the opportunity to work with hundreds of female business owners in a variety of industries. I’ve worked with cheese-mongers to photographers, accountants to website designers, and corporate coaches to personal style consultants.

If you’re curious if I’ve worked with someone in your industry, check out my list of past client industries.

Coaching Client Bridget Jablonski

When I met with Coach Erin for my icebreaker session, it gave me a chance to get a feel for Erin’s personality, style, and if coaching would be a good fit. It was comforting that the sense I got of Erin’s personality and style from her website was a match to her “true self.”

I left my icebreaker with a sense of her personality and approach to business. I had a clear understanding of her service packages and charges but never felt like I was being “sold to” or pressured to buy. I felt confident that Erin would be able to help me achieve my potential and I immediately scheduled a Clarity Creator.

Bridget Jablonski : Phoenix, AZ

It's crystal clear to me what an integral part Coach Erin has been in my growth and the growth of my business.  I have listened  to so many coaches and read so many self-help books in my journey and while of course, they've helped, I've gained the most clarity from Erin and her events.

Erin is definitely living her purpose! I honestly couldn't even list the things she's done and sparked because they're too many.

I know that I'm a better mother, business owner, and person from knowing Erin and allowing her into my world.

Angie Geren: Phoenix, AZ

Today's coaching session surpassed my expectations. We got a lot done. I wasn't expecting Erin to do a lot of analysis and prep-work before our session, but it certainly played a role in me having a breakthrough.

Erin provided me insights, answered my questions, and gave me guidance. I now have a clear path and schedule to release my course. But, the most exciting part of my coaching session was how Erin turned my intake questionnaire into marketing language for my course.

This session was exactly what I wanted.

Loren North: Phoenix, AZ

My Approach To Generating Business Success

help clients create a business that is authentically their own, not a clone of someone else.

help my clients untangle their mindset, clarify their goals, regain confidence, get unstuck, and put together an achievable action plan.


  • building my client's strengths
  • providing a friendly, non-judgmental setting
  • allowing my clients to speak their truth without fear of being judged
  • being guru free because I don’t believe anyone can be the one and only expert in their field, including me


  • 75% Coaching: questions, conversations, and activities
  • 20% Teaching: education, training, and skill-building
  • 5% Resources: tools, tips, and technologies
  • 1.5% Mentoring: sharing my own experience and that of my clients
  • 1.5% Consulting: offering best practices


  1. looking at the big picture (lifestyle, business model, etc)
  2. focusing on the people (you and your clients)
  3. apply logic (operations, systems, routines, strategies)
  4. consider facts (what needs to happen, what is needed to make it happen)
Women's Business Coach Erin Garcia helps first-time business owners start their business

No matter which stage of business development you’re at, I’ll make sure you know and understand the business puzzle.

I’ll teach you a few pieces and give you guidance to decide on other pieces.

And we'll work collaboratively to put the pieces together in a way that has you shouting to the world “I’m open and ready to serve you.” 

When we're coaching, we’ll:

  • have conversations that get you excited and motivated.
  • take deep dives into why you do things the way you do.
  • explore traditional and non-traditional approaches to business.
  • brainstorm new ideas
  • revisit old ideas

It’s common that things get shaken up, perspectives get shifted, new ways of thinking get explored and your business will become what you want it to be.

Being A Women's Business Coach

Being a coach, owning my own business, and helping other female entrepreneurs own their own businesses -- is amazing. It’s more than just a dream job. It’s my mission and my passion.

Seeing women build their confidence, step fully into being an expert in their field, and enjoy the work they do with their clients, I love it.

I love it when I can craft the perfect coaching activity that moves a client from confusion to clarity. Or when a client experiences such a powerful breakthrough in our session that they can’t sleep at night because they’re too excited.

But, there are parts of coaching female business owners that are tough too. Being the one to point out when a client is making decisions based on fear isn't easy. Telling someone that they are in an old behavioral pattern that doesn’t work for them takes a great deal of tack. Yet, I don’t see myself ever finding a more perfect dream job

Being my own boss and a women's business coach lets me use my creativity to:

  • solve problems
  • craft marketing content
  • design branded images
  • develop out-of-the-box solutions.

Coaching allows me to tap into my intuition to hear both what my clients are trying to say and what they are actually saying. 

Working with women business owners has given me a unique opportunity to make a positive impact on the lives of not only my clients, but the work I do with my clients positively affects their clients too. It's a waterfall of a positive effect and I think it's pretty damn cool.

Another aspect of being a coach that I love is the deep connection I’m able to have with my clients.

As an ENFP personality type, the most introverted extrovert, I value connections that go beyond the surface. The vulnerability and openness coaching requires for both my clients and myself is simply magical. It’s something most clients don’t expect and often end up valuing it most. But then again, 97% of my clients are introverts. So, they too value that deep connection.

What I've Learned After 14+ years as a Women's Business Coach

Coaching women in a variety of industries has made me highly attuned to common roadblocks and mental barriers faced by business owners.

I’ve been able to identify repeated patterns and frequently misunderstood information that is simply part of owning your own business, no matter your industry.

This has allowed me to develop innovative coaching activities and creative strategies to

  • improve my client’s abilities
  • lift their confidence
  • inspire them to gain a new perspective
  • motivate them to reach their potential

Coaching has also helped me hone my ability to adapt my style and approach to each situation and person.

I’m not a “nagging do everything by the books” coach and I'm far from an "inside the box" coach.

I follow my gut hunches and remain flexible in my approach with clients, often creating customized coaching activities just for one specific client.

Business Coach for Introvert Women

My Career Path

At age 19 and a senior in high school, I was the only one in my class balancing owning my own business with finishing my algebra homework. I successfully ran my first business, 'Nails By Erin,' for 3 years before leaving my childhood hometown for the big city of Phoenix, Arizona.

With my Early Childhood Education and Child and Family Studies degree in-hand, I was ready to begin teaching young children. The majority of my teaching career was spent working for a non-profit focused on child abuse prevention.

Here I learned to create lesson plans, conduct family home-visits, how classroom design impacted the development of children and how to work with children with developmental delays.

I ended my 10-year career with the non-profit after filling the position of the director of volunteer services for 4 years. In this role, I marketed the volunteer opportunities, interviewed, trained, and placed the volunteers, trained staff on working with volunteers, and supported the fundraising department through event planning and donor relations.

Once again I was ready for what was next as I had finished my coach certification with The Southwest Institute of Healing Arts. I had come full circle and was once again owning my own business

For the first three months of my business, I only knew I wanted to help women, but not what type of women or what I wanted to help them achieve. Then the light bulb went off and I realized that being a women's business coach for introverts was what I wanted to do and who I wanted to help.

That was in 2006 and it’s still my dream job today.

On The Personal Side Of Things.

I'm a wife, step-mom, dog rescue mom, and cat slave.

A few of my favorite things are weekend get-a-ways with my introverted hubby, spending time at the beach, and listening to rain.  I dislike being too hot or too cold, I’m much like goldilocks and prefer the temperature to be “just right.” And spiders freak me out.

My top values are purpose, freedom, relationships, creativity, and intuition. I'm motivated more by having a sense of purpose than having power, fame, or pure financial gain.

I live from the belief that putting income gain over lifestyle creates a short term high, not long-term satisfaction.

I have a burning desire to grow and improve myself, my coaching skills, my home, my dog grooming skills, and the list goes on forever.

I've been told I'm a catalyst for change.  My mind is always looking for possibilities.

f and r

Finding creative and uncommon routes towards goals is what I love and I am masterful at helping others troubleshoot and maneuver challenges.

Conversations filled with possibilities, creative alternatives, and intuitive insights that wander from one topic to another are my kryptonite. 

I’ve been told by past bosses and clients that I have a unique ability to focus on the big picture without losing sight of the details.

Clients have also said that the way I combine information and materials into unique, innovative, and practical solutions is magical.

Some have found my excitement for owning your own business infectious and inspiring.

Others have found me to have the most random thoughts and best last-minute improvisations.

As a business coach, I’m great at helping my clients set goals. But as a business owner, I’m not great at practicing goal setting myself.

I can often be found frittering away time on unproductive tasks, I have a tendency to switch gears mid-stream and I have remnants of ideas never implemented on scratch pieces of papers, excel spreadsheets and google docs.

Thankfully none of this has kept me from running two successful businesses and having a fulfilling career.

If you want to be a more confident business owner with a smooth-running business, let's get coaching today.

A CLARITY CREATOR is a 60-min private coaching session focused on developing a step-by-step plan for your business.

We'll get clear on:
- where you are
- your long-term vision
- what could be getting in your way
- how to move you forward

We'll create a:
- next steps action item list
- prioritized to-do list
- growth structure

Let's move you forward today!

Unsure if coaching is the right solution for you?

Want to ensure I'm the right coach for you?

Not positive which coaching program is right for you?

Schedule A Free ICEBREAKER

An Icebreaker is not a free coaching session nor a sales pitch. It's a casual conversation where we can get to know each other and decide if my coaching style and programs are right for you.

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