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Business Coach For Women with 14 years experience

⇝ Are you preparing to start your own service business?

⇝ Is your business stuck between neutral and reverse?

⇝ Is it time to make a U-turn and pivot into a new direction?

Navigating the roadways
of business ownership
can be confusing.

It can feel like you're on a rickety wooden roller-coaster with no seat belt holding you in.

Not knowing what to do first or next can quickly take a toll on your confidence leaving you stuck, confused, and well -- scared to take the wrong step.

I have good news. As a business coach for women, I can help!

Coaching is a creative, thought-provoking process customized to you that keeps you in the driver seat of your business.

As your business coach, I don't come in and take over your business. My job isn't to tell you what you're doing wrong and how you should be doing it better. Nobody needs more "should" in their life. All it does is make a mess of "should" and weigh you down.

Instead, I'll help you recognize where your business is now, clarify where you want it to be, and determine what might be out of alignment between the two.

As your business coach, I'm not Siri.  I won't decide the right route for you to take. I operate both as an outside observer of your business and as someone walking right alongside you. My role as a business coach for women is that of a guide, sounding board, and trusted advisor.


● Coaching stretches you.

Coaching with me isn’t just about growing your business, it’s about growing you as a person and business owner too. It pushes you beyond your current limits. And personal discovery and growth happen at every stage of the coaching process.

I believe personal growth = business growth and business growth = personal growth.

● Coaching causes you to think differently.

Through deep-dive conversations, creative coaching assignments, organizational activities, and thought-provoking homework you will change how you think about yourself and the value of your skills. Some assignments will challenge you and others you’ll find enjoyable. You’ll feel motivated, inspired, and excited. You’ll gain traction and be heading in a clear and focused direction.


● Coaching is both emotional and practical work.

As your coach, I’ll provide you the training wheels until you start to trust your own business intuition and ideas.  I’ll be right beside you as you bravely explore your thoughts, behavior patterns, beliefs, and true desires. When you lose faith that you won’t get to where you’re going, I’ll be there to guide you back on track and remind you that you’re not as lost as you think.

● Coaching keeps you from becoming complacent.

There are always new resources and new tools to be better. Your marketing message can get clearer. You can improve your client engagement and make your systems more efficient. Having a coach keeps you accountable for taking action and growing.

Coaching Isn’t The Only Technique I Use:

While coaching is a powerful technique for getting you unstuck, keeping you on track, clearing mindset blocks, setting goals, and motivating you to take accountable action, it’s not all you'll need to build and maintain success.

You’re also going to need an understanding of the business building process as well as solutions, resources, and tools as you move from one phase and stage to another. There will even be times when you’ll need or want a bit of advice based on my own personal experience or that of my other clients.

This is why as a business coach for women, I combine coaching, teaching, mentoring, and sometimes even a bit of consulting. I want to provide you with everything I can to get your business from where it is today to where you would like it to be in the future.

Kelsa Dickey, Financial Coach Hires Coach Erin as her Business CoachCoach Erin helped me clarify the path to take our businesses and also make more money. She's extremely creative and helps you to feel creative too. She's positive and upbeat but also honest and candid when she needs to be. She truly wants to see her clients succeed and helps them to do so. I believe Erin is the voice of reason and motivation.

Kelsa Dickey

Woman shares her business coaching successCoach Erin is a consistent source of motivation, inspiration, and much-needed accountability.  I refer to our coaching sessions as "Creative Conference Calls" that have helped me clarify my business plan & practices.

Shannon Baker - Professional Organizer

Small Business Owner Jacqueline DestrempsComing into coaching with Erin I had not worked with a coach before so, I honestly didn’t really know what to expect. What I discovered is that coaching really gets you out of your head.  Erin helps you turn your ideas into “real” concepts and she stops you from pushing things aside thinking “I can’t do that” or “not now.” Coaching was money well spent and of great value.

Jacqueline Destremps

New Business Owner Hires A Business CoachOh My Goodness!  Erin really helped me connect myself, and with who I want to work with. She pulled it together so concretely and it all flows so well. Erin's guidance helped me solve an issue I've been struggling with since starting my business.  My only regret... I didn't call her sooner.

Janet Ellis

Erin helped ignite a fire in me to make my business work. The money I spent on coaching is peanuts compared to the value I received and the growth I’ve seen in my business. I almost immediately quit my day job. When I hired Erin, I just wanted to be able to live comfortably without having to work 60 hours a week. But, I’ve realized that there are so many more places I can take my business now. I'm excited to watch my business morph and grow and confident I have the abilities to keep it successful.

Abby Herman

Tisha Marie Pelletier Hires Business Coach Erin GarciaI feel like my mindset is shifting, that I am gaining more clarity. I’m putting a process in place to move me forward instead of floundering and feeling frustrated trying to do it on my own.

Tisha Pelletier
Tisha Marie Enterprises

Really, there are no words for the changes Erin's made in my business and as a result my life. When I came to Erin I was making some progress in my business but it was slow. Erin propelled my business forward, transformed my thinking, and helped me develop my skills as a business owner. I started making the progress in just a few short weeks. Big Changes are happening as a result of having Erin as my business coach.
Lisa Hall

Lawyer hires business coach

I have worked with Erin for 3 years. I know for a fact my business would not be where it is now if it wasn't for Erin. When I started working with Erin I felt stuck and wasn't able to clearly convey my message or what I do. Over the years, we have worked through every aspect of my business and I am now a confident business owner of a profitable business making a positive impact.

Nicole Pavlik


✓Get Clear ✓Get Confident ✓Get Moving


Clarity and Direction

business clarity in 30 days

✅ 90min Kick-Off Session (1)

✅ Weekly 60-90min Coaching Sessions (3)

✅ Customized weekly homework (approx 1-3 hours per week)

✅ Unlimited support between sessions

✅ Coaching sessions can be recorded

✅ Typed session notes

✅ Resources & Tools: spreadsheets, checklists, form samples, etc.

$600 (no payment options available)

Clarity, Direction, and Momentum

Clarify your business in 90 days

✅ 90min Kick-Off Session (1)

✅ Weekly 60-90min Coaching Sessions (11)

✅ Customized weekly homework (approx 1-3 hours per week)

✅ Unlimited support between sessions

✅ Coaching sessions can be recorded

✅ Typed session notes

✅ Resources & Tools: spreadsheets, checklists, form samples, etc.

$2520 paid in full or 3 monthly payments of $966

meet business coach erin garciaUnsure if coaching is the right solution for your needs and goals?
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Awesome! Let's connect, get your questions answered, and assure that coaching is right for you with a 15-MIN complimentary Icebreaker.

An Icebreaker is not a coaching session nor a sales pitch. It's a casual and informative one-on-one conversation focused on evaluating your goal(s), deciding if my knowledge and skills will be beneficial, and getting a feel for my personality and coaching process.

Frequently Ask Questions

Unsure if coaching is the right solution for you?

Want to ensure I'm the right coach for you?

Not positive which coaching program is right for you?

Schedule A Free ICEBREAKER

An Icebreaker is not a free coaching session nor a sales pitch. It's a casual conversation where we can get to know each other and decide if my coaching style and programs are right for you.

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