How To Improve Motivation and Momentum With a TADA LIST

Improving Motivation and Momentum with a TADA List

I’m a big believer that celebrating is motivating. I also believe that taking the time to recognize the awesome things that happen each week generates momentum. As Business Owners, we often need to be reminded that we don’t always have to accomplish huge things to move forward. It’s the little things, over time, that make…

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Service Businesses That Gain Huge Proven Benefits From Coaching

Business Coaching For Service Businesses

In 2006, when I first began offering business coaching for online service businesses, I never imagined the variety of industries I’d have the opportunity to help. Nor did I know what huge benefits coaching would create for businesses and owners. I can even remember the fears I felt narrowing my niche. Choosing to offer business…

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The Female Solopreneur Life: One Challenging Year

The Female Solopreneur Life: A Rough Year

The year was 2019 and A LOT happened in my life, the life of a female solopreneur.  And because I believe in transparency in business is important, I’mparting the curtains and taking you behind the scenes into my life. Buckle in because, it’s going to be raw, real, and not so “rose-colored glasses.”  I’m sharing…

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Dream Big! Discover What One Business Coach’s Big Dream Is.

Dream Big

A client recently ask me, “Erin, what’s your BIG DREAM?” Little did she know she was asking me an awesome coaching question. A question that made me think, ponder, and consider while also pushing me to put into words what it is I want from my business and my life. Who knows, maybe your BIG…

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