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When Erin and I jumped on our initial ice breaker, I was instantly struck by her infectious energy and passion for helping female business owners.

I could tell she was genuinely interested in learning about my story, and that she understood the challenges I was facing. Within minutes, Erin was already offering up suggestions to help me take my next steps.

Brittany McClafferty: Phoenix, Arizona

Kelsa Dickey's business coach for womenCoach Erin has helped me clarify the path to take our businesses and make more money.

She’s extremely creative and helps you to feel creative too.

Erin really helped me transform my services in a way that satisfies the needs of my clients while balancing what I needed too!

The change brought about more free time, more money and less stress.

Kelsa Dickey, Gilbert Arizona

I had a great coaching experience with Coach Erin!

I have been going through a lot of changes in my life personally and professionally and had been feeling pretty lost.

I have a ton of thoughts and ideas but was having a hard time sorting through them and making a decision about which direction to go in.

It was so refreshing and enlightening to have Coach Erin listen to all my "stuff" and from her birds-eye view she was able to help me sort through all the ideas and see a common thread, which simplified my crazy-making and gave me a clearer idea of how to integrate my experiences with my strengths and passions.

With that clearer vision, together we discovered some new possibilities with a new angle and came up with some strategies to move in that direction.

Crystal Janke-Daniels: Phoenix, Arizona

My wife has been a coaching client of Coach Erin's for years now and has made amazing progress personally and professionally with structuring our business and making some mindset shifts.

I was able to be on a coaching session last week and I was amazed at what we accomplished.

Our financial coaching business has grown leaps and bounds in the past year and we are finally feeling like we need to restructure our business and delegate some responsibilities, especially so my wife can get some free time.

Coach Erin walked us through what our current business structure was and what wasn't working for us and then what a better model was for what we wanted to accomplish.

We walked away with a brand new business structure that worked for our goals and our clients' goals and also action items to execute all the changes necessary.

I highly recommend Coach Erin to help you as a business coach!

Micheal Dickey: Mesa, Arizona

First-Time Business Owner Loren North Hires Business Coach Erin GarciaToday's coaching session surpassed my expectations. We got a lot done. I now have a clear path and schedule to launch my online course.

Plus, the most exciting part, Erin magically turned my coaching session prep form into marketing language for my course.

This session was exactly what I wanted.

Loren North: Phoenix, Arizona

Today during my coaching session with Coach Erin I released a whole lot of crap and gained so much clarity.

The things I have been resisting in my business are now feeling so much better. It feels good to have permission to not have to do business “like this” or “like that” but that the way I want to, the way that feels right to me. I am feeling a whole lot better about moving forward and creating packages and programs that really give my clients what they need.

Alicia Fields: Phoenix, Arizona

My coaching session was incredibly enlightening and really gave me hope. I can take my biz where I want it to go in a way that feels good for me and will give maximum value to my clients. I’m walking away with clarity, excitement, and focus. And, I’m feeling so much better about the future!

I love that Erin sees things I can’t see. She keeps me focused and always asks the right questions. I appreciate how Erin mixes in her own personal insights and experiences but never tells me what to do. She simply offers me a new perspective and freshened confidence.

It feels good to have a new way of looking at my mission and vision and to have narrowed down my packages and products. Erin really helped me level up to become the expert and flip around how I work with clients so I can offer them maximum value. It’s exciting to be elevating my image as an expert so I can better empower my clients.

Tabitha Dumas: Gilbert, Arizona

When I started, I felt unsure what coaching was going to be like. I didn’t know what Erin was going to have me do.

Now I see how coaching works. I see how we are laying a solid foundation and how each session builds on the next session.

I feel like there is something powerful about taking positive steps in the direction you want to go, even if you don’t see any tangible results immediately. Just the action of going forward you see more possibilities.  I am feeling much more calmed down in just 3 sessions.

You get out of coaching what you’re willing to put into it. It’s super helpful to have to describe my business to Coach Erin as it helps me solidify it in my own head. She really helps me think about it in a more detailed way.  

Stacy Lang: Mesa, Arizona

The group coaching sessions with Coach Erin are an opportunity to get questions answered, to connect with others and get motivated and be inspired.

During the group coaching sessions, Erin is able to divvy up the time, giving each person attention, answered their questions, and offered something to work on. A true value!

Shira Gura, Isreal

First-time Business Owner Finds Business Coaching SuccessfulCoaching with Erin is like having someone who understands what you are and are not saying.

Erin has a unique way to uncover your purpose and mission for your business.

She is so creative and sees what I don’t see.

While I have had others see the whole picture, in a different light, the details and sequence were not presented. But, Erin sees the whole picture and has the skills to set up the necessary steps and skills needed to get there.

Paulette Bergounous: Sparks, Nevada

I moved from absolute fear to complete joy and excitement during my recent coaching session with Erin.

I discovered that it's time to move my business to the next level.

I was struggling with fear over the wrong thing and Erin helped me take a closer look at what my fear was really about.

By the end of my session, I was clear on what I needed to be doing to get back onto the path towards my bliss!!!

I feel so much better about the direction I need to go now.

Melissa Dery: Bedford, New Hampshire

Before starting coaching, I felt uncertain and not sure how to implement the ideas in my head.

Within the first half of my coaching program, I began to feel more confident, had a focus, a vision of possibility and a game plan of what to do next.

I am now feeling more focused, confident and ready to explore all the possibilities.

While I expected to come up with a niche and to work on my philosophy and marketing ideas, I did not think I would also get so much personal development through coaching.

Erin really pushed me out of my comfort zone with her supportive, insightful, fun and encouraging coaching style.

If you're thinking of coaching with Erin, go for it. I got so much more value than I paid for.

Dianna Youel: Phoenix, Arizona

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