How To Create Better Marketing Content

business growth -- How To Create Better Marketing Content

If you don’t have a content marketing plan in place for the year or you’re finding that coming up with regular content is a struggle, this post will offer you a little inspiration.

Before I get into content creation ideas though, I want to talk a bit about content marketing and the role it can play in your business.

Taken at face value, content marketing is a way to spread valuable information to your audience. But, let’s dig a little deeper. Stick with me, this will be worth it.

Successful content marketing involves creating and sharing high-quality content on a regular basis. You must be consistent to see success, like in many other areas of business and in life. To be successful in business, you need to create connections with your potential clients and a wider audience of potential clients.

This sphere of marketing is about creating content that is focused to meet your audience’s needs, help them solve problems, teach them, or connecting on a deeper level. It’s also about making sales, but that can’t be your only focus. You won’t get very far, because people don’t like to be sold to over and over again.

Your audience is waiting to hear from you.

Six Topics that Can Help You Create More Content

1. Consider who your services or product might be a great gift for.

This can inspire new content that explains what people might consider before buying your services or products as a gift. It could also lead you to create content outlining who your services or products are not meant for. This type of introspection is great for gaining clarity on who your dream clients might be.

2. Are you certified?

It might help to tell your audience how you earned that certification, what the process was, and what you had to do to complete the process. Tell your audience what was easy and what you struggled with. Tell them about the most valuable part of your training. This sort of content helps to validate your skills and services and puts a human face on it. This opens you up to your audience in a more authentic way, which is key to creating connections, and extremely helpful in making sales in the future.

3. Are you participating in a challenge?

Maybe you’re doing a 21-day gratitude challenge, or a 30-day detox challenge, a blogging challenge, or even a decluttering challenge. All of those are very popular. You can share your daily experiences with the challenge you’re doing. Talk about what you’re doing and about your struggles. What are you learning as you participate in the event? You might even invite your audience to participate with you.

4. Who are you? Who is the person behind your brand?

This is an opportunity to put a personal spin on it- share your hobbies, memories, and traditions. Do this with anecdotes and pictures, and strive for connection, not making a sale. You might even put the pictures to music and add a voiceover to create video content.

5. Did you get a new haircut? Plant something new? Did you decorate your front porch?

Share a picture and a story as a short social post. These are all topics that can come in handy if you’re struggling to figure out how to keep your content marketing efforts consistent and strong.

6. Are you wishing you could be somewhere else right now, in the moment?

Maybe you want to be at the beach or skiing in the mountains. Wherever that is, share a picture on your social media platforms. Invite your audience to share where they wish they were in the moment.

A Few Things To Remember:

1. It is very important to keep your audience and your target client in mind when you share these pieces.

Depending on the voice of your company, some of these topics may not quite resonate with your audience. If you plan to use something that seems a little bit outside the normal and more personal than you’ve shared in the past, keep an eye on reactions to make an informed decision about whether to continue with the more personal content options.

2. You always want to create content that provides value.

If your content doesn’t help a client or potential customer to solve a problem or see that they’re not alone in the issues they face, it loses relevancy and doesn’t seem as valuable.

3. Your marketing efforts won’t convert all that well if your content isn’t consistent, relevant to your audience, and valuable to your audience.

4. The content you create is fantastic to share on social media; it will, over time, help to improve your search engine rankings and can fuel public relations attention, inbound marketing efforts, and even PPC efforts.

If you’ve made it this far, I would love it if you’d grab a piece of paper and a pen, your laptop, your phone, or whatever tool you use to create content. Find some time, and start writing. Take one of those suggestions, if you’re struggling, and start writing.

If you’re not able to just jump right into writing, start making a list of things you want to cover in this content. The aim of this exercise is not only to help you create content that will connect with your audience but also help you refine your message and clarify what you want to communicate with your audience, to ensure that the content you create is relevant and valuable to readers.

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