Running A Home Business Provides The Best Benefits



Running your own business comes with many benefits. But, operating a home business has even more awesome benefits.

1. Home Business Tax Deductions:

Let’s face it, having my business at home comes with a long list of tax deductions that aren't available to brick-and-mortar businesses. Gotta love being able to write off part of your electric bill, mortgage, property tax, cleaning supplies, and so much more.

2. Financial SAVINGS:

There are so many more savings than just tax deductions. Since I work from home my family was able to exist with one car. This meant less money spent on car payments, insurance, and gas. I just “borrow the car” from hubby for networking or business errands.

I’ve also saved money on dining out. No more fast food or expensive take-out for lunches. It’s leftovers and made-at-home lunches for me. Plus, there are savings in re-using lunch bags, Ziplocks, and Tupperware, too.

Oh, and clothing costs. This one's a biggie. I don’t need nearly as many “work outfits” as I used to. At least one day a week I don’t see any clients so my pj’s are totally doable. Plus, it’s rare for me to see the same people day after day (as you would working a 9 to 5 job). I can totally get away with wearing the same outfit more than one day a week. It’s true but most self-employed people won’t confess to it--lol.

3. Time SAVINGS:

My morning and evening commute is about five seconds as compared to my 30 to 45 minutes each way to my old job. I save myself two to four hours a day, five days a week. That’s an average of 15 hours a week, just in commuting time.
Since I don’t have to pack my lunch, it means less time preparing and less time washing Tupperware. Even just calculating that preparing and washing time at 10 minutes a day, every day saves me an hour a week.

I also save time doing laundry (see above) as there is less of it to do.

4. Decorating However I Want:

As a remodel addict and lover of DIY home decor, I LOVE being able to decorate my home office however I want. I’ve painted walls, put up soundproofing for video production, added a few plants, and even built my own desk. So different than just adding a few personal knickknacks to your standard office cubicle.

5. Being Home for UPS and Amazon Deliveries:

No longer do my amazon packages sit, baking in the 100+ degree Arizona sun. Nope, I’m home when they get there. Which means I get to open them before Hubby. It’s a guilty pleasure of mine to open packages and then send him texts of me “oohing” and “ahhing.” Totally makes him jealous that I got to try out the new Ninja extractor before him.

6. My House Stays SOOO Much Cleaner:

True fact. My home is much cleaner now that I work from home. Instead of walking the halls of my old job and chit-chatting with my co-workers, I now chit-chat with my pets and put away my dishes or wipe down the countertops.

7. Naps:

Oh, come on! You know there are times at your job when you wish you could put your head on your desk for just 5 minutes. Well, when you work from home you don’t have to put your head on your desk. You can actually lay it on your soft pillow. And yes, I have, on occasion, taken a full-on 30-40 minute nap, too. Hey, some companies are now creating nap rooms for their employees. Maybe I could even start counting my bedroom as an office deduction-just call it the employee nap room. (Just kidding IRS.)

8. No Overhead:

Working from home means I don’t have any overhead costs. This not only helps increase my bottom line, but it also means lower costs for my coaching clients. Not having the additional expense of rent to cover means I can offer coaching at a more cost conducive rate. And being budget-friendly is a big deal for my self-employed clients.

9. Lower Stress:

No more hours spent in heavy traffic. No more late nights at the office wishing I could be home with my family. No more driving home in the dark. Now I can work late and still be at home less than 15 feet from my family and no commute.

10. Working Outside:

Sitting on my back porch is the best. So relaxing. I find it frees my mind and allows my creativity to flow. It’s my go-to spot for writing blogs, social media marketing preparation, and replying to my clients.

BONUS BENEFIT: Take Your Dog/Cat To Work Day, Every Day:

There is just something about hearing your dog snore or bark in his sleep. Many studies show that being around animals lowers your blood pressure. I believe it’s beneficial to my health to work from home with my dogs. (My previous employer certainly wouldn’t allow me to bring Rylee or Fynn to work with me).

Plus, my dog intuitively knows just the right time to beg for some attention. It’s always at a point where I really need a break.

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