Minimalism; A New Approach to Business Growth

In today’s business world there is unspoken pressure to always be launching, always be growing, always be scaling, always be developing new and better products, programs, and offerings. From my own experience I know just how easy it is to get pulled in, sucked in, and stuck in this message and lose sight of why you started your entrepreneurial journey in the first place. I also know how hard it is to fight against this pressure, to feel the judgments of other women business owners. You just want to cave in and follow the crowd.

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Multiple Marketing Strategies At One Time Creates A Disaster!

I see too many women business owners trying to do multiple marketing strategies. Starting more than one or two strategies at once ends with business owners saying, ” I don’t know how to market”. Even the greatest strategy isn’t going to work if you don’t implement it beyond the surface.

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The Best Business Wisdom From A Business Coach

After owning my own business and coaching hundreds of women since 2006, I’m here to share with you ten bits of business wisdom. May these business wisdom bits provide you with inspiration, clarity, and direction in starting and managing your own business.

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Business Testimonials: 7 Ways To Get Testimonials From Your Clients

Business Testimonials are one of, if not, the best marketing tool. According to a B2B Content Marketing Report Survey, testimonials are more effective than any other type of content marketing.
Testimonials can gain the trust of potential clients and convert even the most reluctant into a client. Yet, new business owners often find getting testimonials to be a challenge. The fear of feedback is one of the most common fears of new business owners which is why I’m here to offer 7 ways to make getting testimonials not so icky.

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