Popular Reasons Why Women Hire A business Coach

why hire a business coach: 5 most popular reasons

Women have been hiring business coaches to help them start and manage their businesses for years. In fact, I’ve been helping women start their own businesses as a business coach since 2006. While I’m not one of the “groundbreaking pioneer business coaches,” I certainly joined the industry before the biggest of coaching booms. And I’ve…

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A Quick Guide To Understanding What Coaching Is

Understanding what coaching is

If you’ve never worked with a coach before, you might be confused about what a business coach actually does. Every business coach has their own style and focus, so it’s often to have mixed definitions. After being a business coach for more than a decade, I’ve decided it would be best to gather my client’s…

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What I Love About being A Business Coach

being a business coach: what i love

Hello There! I’m Coach Erin, well that’s who I’ve been since 2006 when I became a business coach. And here I am, still helping women, introverts, and solopreneurs start their own businesses. Truth is I love what I do and can’t see myself doing anything else. Being a business coach allows me to tap into…

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When to Hire a Business Coach: One Client’s Perspective

when to hire a business coach - a client's perspective

guest post by Abby Herman, Write Solutions ⫸ You’ve been working in your business for a while but haven’t seen any growth. ⫸ You’re frustrated with the advice your partner or family members are giving you about how to run your business. ⫸ You feel like you’re working more than ever, but your bottom line…

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How To Know Which Coaching Program Is The Right One

Which business coaching program is the right one

Knowing which business coaching program is the right one is enough to make even the savviest women a bit befuzzled! Let’s dive in a little deeper and talk about how to determine which coaching program is right for you. Because let’s face it: It could be a part-time job, just finding the right one. Here’s…

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The Latest Myths About Business Coaching That Aren’t True

myths about business coaching

With so many myths about business coaching out there, it makes the big step of hiring a business coach even harder. I hear it from my clients all the time. Either they don’t know what coaching is (or what it can do for their business) or they’ve had a bad experience with a coach in…

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The Truth About Business Coach Erin Garcia

The truth about business coach Erin Garcia

Hello there! I’m here to dive into the truth about who I am (Business Coach Erin Garcia) because working with a business coach can get pretty personal. As my client, you’ll be expected to dive into some deep topics. You’ll share more about yourself than you might with anyone you’re not married to. So, here…

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