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The job of a business coach is to:The Role of A Coach in Your Business

Ultimately, I see the job of a coach as one of figuring out what you need to make the shift from unsure to courageous so you can take step after step with more and more confidence.

My work, as a coach, revolves around having a deep interest in and clear understanding of you and who you're designing your services and marketing for.

My coaching focus is less about ensuring we get to a solution and more about ensuring you evolve your way of thinking and operating so you can come to future solutions easier and with more confidence.


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Erin Garcia, Business Coach


Coach Erin has been guiding new business owners through the process of starting, growing, and managing a service business since 2003. Between coaching, brand design, and website development you might catch her strolling the beaches of Western Washington, visiting family in Arizona, or enjoying a glass of iced tea creekside on her back patio.



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