My Unique Business Ownership Philosophy

After coaching with hundreds of business owners and operating my own business for 10+ years, I now have a clear philosophy for owning my own business.

The following principles provide me guidance in my decision-making and keep my mindset clear and focused on my priorities.

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How To Make Business Conversations With Hubby Less Icky

For more than a decade (since 2006) I’ve worked with hundreds of women who own their own services businesses and face one very common challenge that I also experience. That challenge is talking with one’s spouse about your business.

Sure it can be fun and easy to share with our husbands when we feel confident, are making money, our clients are successful.

But what about those times when we feel like nothing we do is right, our clients aren’t satisfied with our service, we lose a client to someone else?

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How To Improve Motivation and Momentum With a TADA LIST

I’m a big believer that celebrating is motivating. I also believe that taking the time to recognize the awesome things that happen each week generates momentum.

As Business Owners, we often need to be reminded that we don’t always have to accomplish huge things to move forward. It’s the little things, over time, that make the biggest impact.

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Meaning Of Money: Creating Your Definition As A Business Owner

Money is an important topic for women who own their own businesses.

We all need it, we all spend it, and we all want to make it. But what is your meaning of money, beyond just what you’re doing with it day-to-day?

A while back, the meaning of money came up in various ways in my coaching business. So, I started to reflect on my meaning of money and realized I’d never put any effort into defining it.

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