3 Easy Ways To Develop A Solopreneur Business Niche

Finding Your solopreneur niche

Developing your solopreneur business niche helps you focus your marketing. More importantly, it helps you focus your services so you can craft your expertise and create the greatest benefit to your clients. By creating high-level benefits for your clients you create more value and more value compels higher fees. Think about other solo-professionals that fill…

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How To Create A Spectacular Client Welcome Packet

Client Welcome Packet: How to Create A Spectacular One

You can be the best business owner on the planet and the best at what you do, but if you don’t have a great client experience from the start, it may be a struggle to keep them coming back. A positive client experience is what will keep clients coming back for more services and can…

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Should New Coaches Offer Free Coaching Sessions?

Should new coaches offer free coaching?

In the coaching industry, it has become common practice to offer free initial sessions. Most often these are called discovery sessions. The “behind the scenes” strategy to these sessions is to help the client discover all the work they need to do on their life, business, or another area the coach specializes in. Once the…

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How To Choose The Right Business Name

How to choose the right business name

Figuring out how to choose the right business name is a struggle most new business owners face. One way to choose the right business name is to simply use your name as the business name. Or a variation of your name works too. But, there are some instances when using your name is not the…

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Choosing My Business Name Was A Challenge

choosing my business name was a challenge

Oh man! Choosing my business name was a freakin’ challenge. I remember sitting around the dining room table with my hubby tossing around all kinds of names but none felt quite perfect. I, of course, then turned to my 2nd best friend, Google (because hubby will always be my bestest friend). I browsed, searched, and…

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Client Contracts: One Key To The Success Of Your Business

Creating Client Contracts: one key to your business success

Having Client Contracts of Understanding and Financial Agreements is essential to your business success. Contracts not only provide structure to your business — they also save your relationships. Without a clearly defined and agreed upon contract or agreement misunderstandings can develop. Your expectations of your clients and their expectations of you can fail to match…

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Why New Business Owners Don’t Need A Title But Think They Do

Business Owner Title

Hello fellow Business Owners looking for a snazzy title, Business Owner is your title. Stepping out of Corporate America and into the world of business ownership means shifting. And one of the first shifts business owners need to make is believing they need a title. As a business owner, Business Owner is your title. No…

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Multiple Marketing Strategies At One Time Creates A Disaster!

multiple marketing strategies equal disaster for new business owners

I see too many women business owners trying to do multiple marketing strategies. Starting more than one or two strategies at once ends with business owners saying, ” I don’t know how to market”. Even the greatest strategy isn’t going to work if you don’t implement it beyond the surface. It’s easy to think “it…

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The Best Business StartUp Checklist For A Service Business

business startup checklist

Having the right business startup checklist is key to your success. How do I know? Because not having the right one was my FIRST mistake. UGH!  I wish I could say having the wrong business startup checklist was my only mistake but nope, it was just the beginning of many mistakes.  I was so excited…

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