Stages of Business Development: The Quick and Easy Facts

This blog post is for those business owners who are so busy doing their thing that they’ve never really sat down to figure out exactly what stage they’re in, or for those business owners who want guidance on the stages and what they can expect to see in each one.

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Design Programs From Your Services- 4 Proven Ways

As a service-based business owner, you’ve probably heard the debate about selling time versus selling value. When you sell individual services (like a single Reiki session, or a single massage), you’re selling your time. If you sell packages (like multiple massages, or a trio of sessions – massage, yoga, and counseling, you can sell your clients on the value – on what they get out of it (greater relaxation/better mental health? Something like that).

No matter how long you’ve been in business, there’s always an opportunity to re-examine existing packages or create new packages.

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Discover The Powerful Benefits of Defining Your Business Niche

Creating a thriving business starts by defining your niche. It will set you up to achieve better results, quicker and with fewer costs.

Developing a well-defined niche can take trial and error. Don’t stress over starting out with a broader niche and then narrowing it down as you work with more and more clients, it’s very very common.

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Creating A Start-Up Budget For Your New Business

3 Categories to Include in Your Business Budget and Why You Should Think of a Budget Different Way. In business, budget is not a dirty word. A budget is a tool that helps you to allocate your resources. A budget is a tool that helps you ensure your business’ future.

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3 Easy Ways To Develop A Solopreneur Business Niche

Developing your solopreneur business niche helps you focus your marketing. More importantly, it helps you focus your services so you can craft your expertise and create the greatest benefit to your clients.

By creating high-level benefits for your clients you create more value and more value compels higher fees.

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Should New Coaches Offer Free Coaching Sessions?

In the coaching industry, it has become common practice to offer free initial sessions. Most often these are called discovery sessions.

The “behind the scenes” strategy to these sessions is to help the client discover all the work they need to do on their life, business, or another area the coach specializes in. But, doe they work?

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