Running A Home Business Provides Women The Best Benefits

Benefits of Having a Home Business

Here are my top 10 home business benefits. Running your own business comes with many benefits. But, operating a home business has even more awesome benefits. 1. Home Business Tax Deductions: Let’s face it, having my business at home comes with a long list of tax deductions that aren’t available to brick-and-mortar businesses. Gotta love…

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How To Create A Valuable Client Prep Form For Your Services

How To Make A Client Prep Form

Having a client prep form can improve the value of your services. When it comes to building a relationship with a new client, service providers and their new clients benefit from a bit of preparation. That’s why I encourage business owners to create a client prep form for each type of service they offer. After…

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10 Bits of Business Wisdom for Women

Business Wisdom for Women

After owning my own business and coaching hundreds of women since 2006, I’m here to share with you ten bits of business wisdom. May these business wisdom bits provide you with inspiration, clarity, and direction in starting and managing your own business. ONE: There is no one “right” way to create a successful business. Follow…

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