How To Use The Law Of Attraction For Business


Many do not realize how powerful the law of attraction for business can be. And as a business owner, they can aid you in drawing in the success you want, the clients you desire, and the goals you strive to reach. In doubt? Try them and see.

Here are 5 Ways You Can Use
The Law of Attraction In Your Business


1.  Your Calendar

  • Mark down potential client appointments on specific days and times.

2.  Your Passwords

  • You're logging into sites all the time, so use that time to attract new clients.
    • Example: "3newclients" or "thankufor10newclients" or "$2000thismonth."

3.  Write the Universe Thank You letters 

  • Thank the Universe for future things it's going to bring you.
    • Dear Universe, thank you for the 5 new clients in November.
    • Write down whatever it is you want to attract in the next couple months.
    • List one every month and make it part of your routine.

4.  Gratitude Log

  • When you log your gratitude you stay in a positive mindset and people hire positive people.
  • Write it down, whether small or grand.
  • Just keep your log and maintain your positivity because positivity attracts potential clients.

5.  Use Law of Attraction Affirmations

  • Affirmations keep you in a positive mindset.
  • People want to work with positive people who are confident and courageous.
  • Keep your confidence up, build your courage and stay positive with affirmations.
  • It's as simple as starting with "I now affirm..."
  • If every Sunday night or Monday morning you sat down and affirmed what was going to happen for you that week, you would be focused, intentional, and positive.

Head on over and explore my Affirmation Pinterest board for more law of attraction for business affirmations to help you maintain a positive business mindset.

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