How to Choose the Business Coach That's Right for You

business coaching -- how to choose the right business coach for you

Ask a handful of successful business owners what the secret is to their success and you’re likely to get many different answers. But I’ll be that the one that comes up the most often is, “I hired a business coach.”

Working with a business coach can be life-changing. But finding the one that gets you the results you’re looking for can be a challenge. After all, there’s as many different coaching styles as there are waves in the ocean. In other words, a lot.

With the coaching industry being non-regulated, each coach can offer whatever services they want and call it "coaching." Even as a coach myself, it’s a challenge to talk to other coaches as they often have a different coaching style than I do. Often their style is almost completely opposite of mine, making it a challenge for consumers like you to make an educated decision about coaching.

If you’re planning to start working with a business coach, first decide what “role” you want your coach to play.


If you're looking for someone to assess you and your business and then offer you their professional expert advice, you're likely looking for someone whose style is closer to consulting.


If you'd rather work with someone who has longevity in your industry who can guide you through their knowledge and wisdom, you're likely to enjoy working with someone in more of a mentor style.


If you're looking for someone to relieve something like stress, anxiety, fear, etc., then likely more of a therapy approach would be a good fit.


But, if you're looking for someone to guide you using a range of communication skills (such as targeted restatements, listening, questioning, clarifying etc.) to help you shift your perspectives, resulting in discovering different approaches to achieve your goals, a more "traditional" coach would probably be a good fit.

I would say the next two top things to consider when choosing a coach are:

  1. The amount of time you have for coaching. Often coaches will have you work on activities in-between sessions. Some of these activities can take you 30-min while others may be as much as 3-4 hours a week.
  2. The amount you can afford to pay a coach while still having the finances to implement the ideas and solutions you come up with. No sense in hiring a coach, gaining great ideas only to have to wait to implement because you spent all your funds on your coach.

Wishing you great success in finding out if coaching is right for you and finding your perfect fit coach. If you'd like to see if I'm the right coach for you, schedule a 'Test The Waters Chat'.

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Erin Garcia, Business Coach


Coach Erin has been guiding new business owners through the process of starting, growing, and managing a service business since 2003. Between coaching, brand design, and website development you might catch her strolling the beaches of Western Washington, visiting family in Arizona, or enjoying a glass of iced tea creekside on her back patio.


I'm Coach Erin
hire your first business coach, Erin Garcia

In 2006 I stepped into the solopreneur lifestyle as a business coach helping others reinvent themselves as self-employed business owners.

I've been able to work with hundreds of women and a handful of men in a variety of service industries from patient advocates and copywriters to coaches, consultants, and therapists.

My coaching style is a mix of structure with free-flowing creativity and personalized guidance and feedback at every step.

I have endless ideas and endless possibilities. I jump in with both feet to tackle challenges. And I love helping my clients simplify the crazy that runs through their heads.

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