3 Easy Ways To Develop A Solopreneur Business Niche

business startup -- 3 Easy Ways To Develop A Solopreneur Business Niche

Developing your solopreneur business niche helps you focus your marketing. More importantly, it helps you focus your services so you can craft your expertise and create the greatest benefit to your clients.

By creating high-level benefits for your clients you create more value and more value compels higher fees.

Think about other solo professionals that fill a specific business niche and why that sole focus has its benefits. You wouldn’t want to go to a gynecologist who also fixes broken bones and once in a while assists chimpanzees in giving birth. (At least, I hope not.) And, heaven forbid, you have a brain tumor, you'll likely pay a higher price to see a doctor who specializes in your specific type of brain tumor.

And no, niches are not just in the medical field. They exist in all service business industries. If you own a BMW, you know how much easier it is to have it serviced by a BMW specialist rather than a general car mechanic.

If you are environmentally conscious you've possibly searched out environmentally friendly dry-cleaners, hair and nail salons.

Solopreneur business niches exist everywhere. What will yours be?

Now, it’s okay to be multi-passionate. We just need to remember that a clear focus within our business or a common thread that helps to tie everything together is necessary.

When our variety of services is too wide, we can lower our credibility with potential clients. Our clients may be confused about what it is we really can do for them. This makes it more difficult to build trust.

Crafting and really honing in on a niche can be one of the most challenging parts of building a business for solopreneurs. But it’s also a key to success. A focused niche allows you to gain steady and sustainable momentum.

Time spent carving your niche is time very well spent. And in working with clients, I’ve found that there are three ways to build a niche.

Three Methods For Developing A Solopreneur Business Niche

→ ONE: The Client-Focused Niche

Clients come to me swimming in ideas with no real direction on where they want to take them. We work together to determine who it is they want to work with and build services from there to meet their clients’ needs.

→ TWO: The Philosophy-Based Niche

Many women go into business because they have a strong belief in something and they want to help others. Their philosophy is what helps to drive the packages and programs they develop which helps their clients with a specific need.

→ THREE: The Client-Focused Philosophy-Based Niche

The stars align when passion and philosophy connect and we can build a business around what really lights us up. This often comes after some time spent in a client-focused or philosophy-based niche after your feet are a bit wet. And when it’s there, it’s magical.

Of course, finding your right niche is a process and one that isn’t always easy to navigate. I recommend my clients write down all the ideas they have for their business.

  • What services can you offer?
  • Who do you want to work with?
  • How can you solve their problems?

From there, you’ll grow your offerings and your business.

I'm Coach Erin
hire your first business coach, Erin Garcia

In 2006 I stepped into the solopreneur lifestyle as a business coach helping others reinvent themselves as self-employed business owners.

I've been able to work with hundreds of women and a handful of men in a variety of service industries from patient advocates and copywriters to coaches, consultants, and therapists.

My coaching style is a mix of structure with free-flowing creativity and personalized guidance and feedback at every step.

I have endless ideas and endless possibilities. I jump in with both feet to tackle challenges. And I love helping my clients simplify the crazy that runs through their heads.

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