Service Businesses That Gain Huge Proven Benefits From Coaching

In 2006, when I first began offering business coaching for online service businesses, I never imagined the variety of industries I'd have the opportunity to help.

Nor did I know what huge benefits coaching would create for businesses and owners.

I can even remember the fears I felt narrowing my niche.

Choosing to offer business coaching only for women-owned service businesses was scary. Yet, it was the best business decision I made.

I've now been able to work with over 39 different varieties of service businesses.

And, as of August 20202, I've clocked over 2,000 private coaching hours. I've helped over 300 women start, modify, and grow their businesses.

I absolutely love offering business coaching for service businesses.

It's an honor to be been able to make a deep impact on the lives of my clients and the profitability of their businesses.

Check out the 39 different service industries I've had the honor of coaching with.

Have I worked with someone in your service industry?

Business Coaching For Service Businesses
  1. Photographer
  2. Lawyer
  3. Life Coach
  4. Divorce Coach & Mediator
  5. Copywriter
  6. Content Strategist
  7. Book Coach
  8. Accountant, CPA & Bookkeeper
  9. Money Management Coach
  10. Holistic Healer
  11. Professional Organizer
  12. Website Designer
  13. Graphic Designer
  14. Personal Stylist
  15. Organization and Systems Consultant
  16. Equine Therapist
  17. Wellness Coach
  18. Parenting Coach
  19. Medical Patient Advocate
  20. Corporate Leadership Coach
  21. Personal Trainer
  22. Private Counselor
  23. Massage Therapist
  24. Event Coordinator
  25. Yoga Instructor
  26. Magazine Designer
  27. Reflexologist
  28. Master Gardener
  29. Landscaper
  30. Teen Life Coach
  31. Green Living Coach
  32. Social Media Manager
  33. Digital Course Designer
  34. Marketing Manager
  35. Speech Pathologist
  36. Blogger
  37. One-Handed Living Specialist
  38. Travel Agent
  39. Child Nutritionist
  40. Travel Agent
  41. Counselor
  42. Virtual Assistant
  43. Corporate Coach

Whether you see your industry on my list or not does not indicate if I'm the right coach for you.

Your coach needs to have a background in your industry Is one of the biggest myths about business coaching.

The best way to find out if I'm the right coach for you and your business industry is for us to meet.

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